Drew Goren Memorial Concert / by Michael Lorenzini

Five years ago, my friend Drew lost his battle with cancer.  He was a talented young photographer in his early thirties and it looked like he would have a great career ahead of him.  He was a new dad and he was full of life and then he was gone, just like that.  A natural charmer, he was becoming known for his casual, intimate portraits of musicians and artists.  In his memory, his family threw a memorial concert and got some of his portrait subjects to play in his honor.  Five years later, they are throwing another to benefit the Louis and Lucille Armstrong Music Therapy Program at Beth Israel, which took great care of Drew in his illness even though he had no insurance.  Good show, good cause, good man.

We miss you Drew.

Go check out his photos, his website is still maintained: www.subwaysleeper.com