A little library school rant / by Michael Lorenzini

http://www.thenation.com/article/164881/upheaval-new-york-public-library When attending library school you often hear the comment:  But aren't libraries dead?  Everything is online now, who needs libraries?  The facts speak differently:  in times of economic downturn like now, library use is climbing way up, but government funding is being slashed.  And, for many Americans who cannot afford home computers or high-speed internet connections, the library is the place where they get online.  And then you have the spectacular mismanagement in the NYPL as revealed by this recent article in The Nation.  Ripping the guts out of the historic 42nd Street Library for a passing whim at consolidation, when they should be building up the branch libraries, closing their academic services, etc.  Way to modernize NYPL!